Are There Armadillos In Arizona?

Armadillos are not native to Arizona, but there have been sightings of these creatures in the state.

Armadillos have been moving north from Mexico since the 1800s, and they are now the state “small mammal” of Texas.

They are also common in Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and New Mexico, and have been reported in parts of Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.

While armadillos might not turn up in Arizona in everyone’s lifetime, they are on their way.

Recently a post went viral on Reddit where the poster said they were surprised and astonished to see an armadillo in Tucson, Arizona!

This could be good news for those who enjoy eating them, as armadillos are said to have a taste similar to fine pork.

However, it is important to note that armadillos are known to carry leprosy, so they must be cooked thoroughly before consumption.

Armadillos are known for their tendency to jump up in the air when surprised or frightened, which makes them susceptible to becoming roadkill.

This behavior is not a clever evolutionary development, but it is a fact of armadillo behavior.

Overall, it is only a matter of time before armadillos become a more common sight in Arizona.

While they may not be native to the state, their adaptability and ability to thrive in different environments make it likely that they will eventually establish a presence in the area.

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